Study Day with Dr Peter Naish


The Dangers and Delights of Having a Hypnotisable Brain 

When: Sunday 6th November 2016, 10am to 4.30/5pm.

Where: Black Horse Inn

All day ticket (including lunch and refreshments): £55 members; £65 non members.

Delegate Ticket 


Morning will cover:

Neurophysiology of hypnosis

False memory

Forensic hypnosis

Time distortion



States of consciousness


Peter, who comes from an academic background, has for many years immersed himself in the field of hypnosis.  A few years ago he did a stint as President of the Section for Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, at the Royal Society of Medicine, and currently he is President of our Society.  With an interest in both the theory and practice of hypnosis, Peter is often asked to contribute theoretical chapters to clinical hypnosis textbooks.  His talk in the morning will reflect this mix, as he describes the underlying mechanisms of hypnosis, then shows both how these lend themselves to therapy (for example in PTSD) and also how there are inherent dangers of which we should all be aware.  Although now nominally retired, Peter still manages to fit in research and has found an additional academic home in the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, at Sussex University.  He often points out that, if hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, then it should be able to contribute to our understanding of consciousness itself.  That will be the topic of his afternoon session.